Why Adults Need Report Cards

The other day my son brought home his quarter grades most were great except for one.  There was one grade that had dropped five points and although it was not alarming he identified ways he could improve so the grade would go up instead of down.  

Why report cards are helpful?

There are two good things about grades.  When we get report cards in our house I have our boys look at them.  For all the grades that are good, I ask them to identify 3 key habits that are contributing to their good grades.  For their grades that have dropped I ask them to identify 1-3 habits that contributed to the drop and I ask them what 1 thing, they can do to improve.

Why do adults need adult report cards?

As we get older many of us stop getting feedback on our progress.  The closest thing is if we have a job we may get a yearly evaluation or if we own a business our bank statement tells us if we did well or not.

This is not enough!

We need to create our own adult report cards. If we do not track our progress how do we know if we are declining or improving?  How do we know if what we do is working or if we are moving towards our goals or away from them?  I do not know many adults who are tracking their progress.

Why is tracking progress helpful?

When you track your progress, it helps you to know if you are doing well and then you know to keep doing what you are doing and more of it.  If things are not going well then you know you need to correct course and change up your habits to get the results you are seeking.  
If you do not track your progress, then it may be years before you notice if things are not going well.  
Tracking can also be a super positive experience. When you track your progress it can be very encouraging when you see positive results and it will motivate you to keep going.

How To Track Progress?

It depends on what you are working towards. If your goal is financial keep track weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.  If you are working on a health-related goal keep track of your activity and monitor if you are improving or declining.  Ask yourself the following questions;
1-What goal am I working towards?
2- How can I track my progress?
3- How often will I assess my results?
4- How will I keep improving so I can reach my goals?
5- What will I do to celebrate when I complete my goal?

Do not forget to celebrate your successes. I am rooting for you!  Your success matters! You Matter! 

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