The Secret to Stick to Your Health Plan

The Secret
Create a pause. This will make you or break you in a moment of stress. Often times we stray from our healthy plan because something stressful occurs. It is important to create a pause so that you can make the best decisions for yourself. So how do you create a pause?

Take five deep breaths. If you find yourself wanting to do something that goes agains your health plan. Maybe it’s like a big slice of German chocolate cake that someone brought in for someone’s birthday and you know that although it tastes amazing at first, you usually have a headache afterward. You need to take a nap. You’re out of commission. You don’t want to be that way for your day. So what you do when you feel that craving is stop. Take five deep belly breaths. Do not breathe into your chest. Breathe deep into your belly. This simple act alone can create a pause so that you can stay committed and stick to your healthy options. Sometimes that’s enough just to take five deep breaths. It helps you make a better decision if that doesn’t work.

Your Why
Remember your why. Relish in your why. why you want to eat healthy. For me, I want to be healthy because when I am not, I’m not able to create my best content. I’m not able to support and inspire others. I don’t have the energy to go and run around with my kids, which is what I want to do. I want to connect with them. So remember your why. Remember to prepare for being healthy. Take care of yourself by planning snacks and meals. Exercise daily and rest. Mind your stress. Take care of your health.

Preventions is Key!
Remember, prevention is key. Prevention is key to being healthy. Remember to know your why this is so important and one I think the most. Now these are all important, but this one’s just super important. Also plan for your success! Create a pause so that you can make the best decisions for yourself. If you follow these guidelines, you will be successful, I promise. And if you have a day where things go awry and it just doesn’t work out, don’t be hard on yourself. Tomorrow’s a new day. Try again.

My Prayer For You

I pray for your success in healing. When you are healthy you will inspire everyone around you to be healthy and happy. Let’s create an inspiration revolution. I pray for your health and success!

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