Mental Health No One Is Exempt

In my experience, mental health is not something most of us talk about. 

There is a stigma related to mental illness.  Not only is there a stigma with mental illness but any talk of mental health treatment even for prevention is avoided and often difficult to access.

This saddens me considering that 99 % of illness can be traced to stress.  Stress management is an essential part of mental health. It is imperative we dedicate time daily to our mental health. 

Mental health is the foundation for whole body wellness.  Think about it.  Most every illness starts because of unmanaged stress.  For example; overeating, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and decreased immunity.

SO what to do?  If you incorporate the following 5 actions to your daily life your mental health will flourish and this will contribute to your whole body’s wellness.

  1. COMMUNITY!  It is essential that you have community.  Daily interaction with friends or family or both is essential.  It is imperative to have people to share your life with.  Especially people that you can relate to helps reduce stress.  Find people that share similar situations; people that share your career, couples if you are part of a couple, people with children if you have children, etc. Stress dissipates when you have someone to relate to.
  2. DAILY MOVEMENT!  Daily exercise is like taking an antianxiety antidepressant pill.  Movement increases endorphins, boosts immune system, improves sleep, and improves overall mental well being. MOVE now it is that important!!
  3. DEBRIEFING after stressful encounters.  It is essential to deal with stressful situations by speaking to a counselor or loved one.  When we encounter stressful situations like; fights, abuse, car accidents, illness, moves, or any major life changes it is imperative to speak and release the event.  If we do not face and release stressful situations then they stay in our tissues and it can lead to the creation of illness.
  4. DAILY MENTAL SELF CARE.  It is important to prioritize daily actions that inspire our mental health.  What nourishes you mentally?  Whatever it is include it daily.  Whether it is nature, music, people, or reading do the things that nourish you mentally, daily.
  5. MENTAL TIMEOUTS DAILY.  It is imperative to be still and spend time daily doing nothing.  Even if it is just for minute daily it is super important to be still free from; noise, conversation, electronics, and work.  Our mind needs mental rest the way our body needs air and water.  In our world where we are overstimulated, it is challenging to be still but it is essential for your wellbeing.

I pray for your wellness and I pray for you to prioritize your mental health! May you evolve continuously into your absolute best self! BE HAPPY!

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