Fall in Love with Your Life – Ninja Hacks

Do you ever end your days feeling unsatisfied, tired, lonely, or just feeling like something is missing?  Have you ever felt guilty because you have so many blessings and yet you do not feel satisfied?

If you answered yes to any part of these questions I am willing to bet your real problem lies with prioritizing rather than a problem with your life.  This is awesome because there is an easy fix for this.

We were never taught how to align our priorities with the activities we spend time doing during the day.  Most of us can name our priorities but very few of us can say we spend most of our day dedicating the bulk of our time on our priorities.  If there is a disconnect we will feel unhappy.

So are you ready to align your priorities with your daily activities?  Ok, lets do this then.

Ninja TRICKS for Loving Your Life NOW

1.First, lets make sure you know your top three priorities.  Take a few minutes to ask yourself,  “What are the three things that matter most to me?”  Take the time to write them down.

2. Where do you spend the bulk of your time?  Take an honest inventory of your days and write down the activities that take up the majority of your time.        Please note that the three items that take up the bulk of your time are truly your priorities.

Take a moment to assess if your list from question 1 match your list from question 2?  If what you believe are your priorities does not match where you are spending your time this will cause unhappiness.

3. It is imperative you take action to dedicate your time to that which matters most to you. If you do not make changes you are at risk for: depression, burn out, lack of passion, physical sickness, anger, disillusion, and unsatisfaction with your life.

4. So what to do?  How do you direct your time and energy to that which you love?

  • Daily Planning is essential.  This task can take as little as 5 minutes per day and yields amazing results.  It is imperative to be intentional and spend time planning your day to ensure you are actively participating in how your energy is spent throughout your day instead of just reacting to everyone else’s wishes.
  • Assess Your Daily and Weekly Activities It is important to know where you stand and understand your habits.  Looking at your planner daily and once per week will allow you to see your patterns.  It will help you to commit daily to spending your time and energy on your priorities.
  • Start Small and Be Consistent. Make sure as you start planning and assessing your planner to implement small activities that involve your priorities.  Make sure daily you are spending time doing the things that matter most to you.  Do this daily and each week.  If you are consistent you will slowly but surely begin to do more and more of what you love on a daily basis.
  • Get Creative. Ask yourself daily, “How can I include the things I love in my daily activities?”  Your mind is powerful and if you keep asking this question you will come up with different ways to do what you love daily.
  • Have Faith.  The more intentional you become about planning your day, getting creative, and adding the things you love the good feelings you have will expand you will find more and more ways to do what you love!

My Prayer for You: I pray you prioritize that which matters most to you.  I pray you pay attention to this daily.  I pray you do more and more of what you love until you find yourself IN LOVE WITH YOUR LIFE! God Bless you!  I pray for your success!