Don’t Be Willy Nilly About Your Week

Remember that saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”? 

Well in my experience this is true.  One of the absolute best things I do is plan my week.
When I used to leave it to circumstance it was complete CHAOS.  

My Life Before Being Intentional
I would fly out of bed on Monday morning running around like crazy, get to work all frazzled, run around some more, get off work and go round up the kids, get home and run around some more, then somehow my body would make it to bed and silently wonder where the day went before I would pass out.

My life is different now. I feel happy, peaceful, and content.  I want to share with you my the simple 5 steps that changed my days.

5 Steps for Living a Successful and Intentional Week

  1. Reflect – Pick the last day to your week.  For me this is Sunday.  Take 10-15 min to reflect on the past 7 days.  What went well and what did not?  
  2. Set Intentions – Set intentions for your week.  I recommend 1-3.  Intentions provide a framework for how you would like your week to go. 
  3. Schedule Self-Care- Take the time to think about what you will eat, when you will exercise, and how much you will rest. If you do not plan for self-care it is likely you won’t do a good job. 
  4. Make time for your priorities- Make sure to schedule activities in your calendar that matter to you.  If your family is your priority make sure you schedule time in your calendar for your family.  If your spiritual life is important to schedule time in your calendar. Trust me if you do not do this it makes it easy for all of your time to go to other things.
  5. Check IN– This one is golden.  Do not wait until the end of the week to check in on your progress.  Take a minute or two each day to check in and see how you are doing with your intentions and schedule.

This all may sound super simple but do not dismiss these steps.  If you do not believe me try it out for yourself.  Your best life ever relies on you being intentional with your time and your week.  Be intentional. 
I encourage you to listen to episode 28 where I go into detail about planning your week.  Click below to listen.

Episode 28 - Love Your Week

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