The Secret to Stick to Your Health Plan

The Secret
Create a pause. This will make you or break you in a moment of stress. Often times we stray from our healthy plan because something stressful occurs. It is important to create a pause so that you can make the best decisions for yourself. So how do you create a pause?

Take five deep breaths. If you find yourself wanting to do something that goes agains your health plan. Maybe it’s like a big slice of German chocolate cake that someone brought in for someone’s birthday and you know that although it tastes amazing at first, you usually have a headache afterward. You need to take a nap. You’re out of commission. You don’t want to be that way for your day. So what you do when you feel that craving is stop. Take five deep belly breaths. Do not breathe into your chest. Breathe deep into your belly. This simple act alone can create a pause so that you can stay committed and stick to your healthy options. Sometimes that’s enough just to take five deep breaths. It helps you make a better decision if that doesn’t work.

Your Why
Remember your why. Relish in your why. why you want to eat healthy. For me, I want to be healthy because when I am not, I’m not able to create my best content. I’m not able to support and inspire others. I don’t have the energy to go and run around with my kids, which is what I want to do. I want to connect with them. So remember your why. Remember to prepare for being healthy. Take care of yourself by planning snacks and meals. Exercise daily and rest. Mind your stress. Take care of your health.

Preventions is Key!
Remember, prevention is key. Prevention is key to being healthy. Remember to know your why this is so important and one I think the most. Now these are all important, but this one’s just super important. Also plan for your success! Create a pause so that you can make the best decisions for yourself. If you follow these guidelines, you will be successful, I promise. And if you have a day where things go awry and it just doesn’t work out, don’t be hard on yourself. Tomorrow’s a new day. Try again.

My Prayer For You

I pray for your success in healing. When you are healthy you will inspire everyone around you to be healthy and happy. Let’s create an inspiration revolution. I pray for your health and success!

Don’t Be Willy Nilly About Your Week

Remember that saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”? 

Well in my experience this is true.  One of the absolute best things I do is plan my week.
When I used to leave it to circumstance it was complete CHAOS.  

My Life Before Being Intentional
I would fly out of bed on Monday morning running around like crazy, get to work all frazzled, run around some more, get off work and go round up the kids, get home and run around some more, then somehow my body would make it to bed and silently wonder where the day went before I would pass out.

My life is different now. I feel happy, peaceful, and content.  I want to share with you my the simple 5 steps that changed my days.

5 Steps for Living a Successful and Intentional Week

  1. Reflect – Pick the last day to your week.  For me this is Sunday.  Take 10-15 min to reflect on the past 7 days.  What went well and what did not?  
  2. Set Intentions – Set intentions for your week.  I recommend 1-3.  Intentions provide a framework for how you would like your week to go. 
  3. Schedule Self-Care- Take the time to think about what you will eat, when you will exercise, and how much you will rest. If you do not plan for self-care it is likely you won’t do a good job. 
  4. Make time for your priorities- Make sure to schedule activities in your calendar that matter to you.  If your family is your priority make sure you schedule time in your calendar for your family.  If your spiritual life is important to schedule time in your calendar. Trust me if you do not do this it makes it easy for all of your time to go to other things.
  5. Check IN– This one is golden.  Do not wait until the end of the week to check in on your progress.  Take a minute or two each day to check in and see how you are doing with your intentions and schedule.

This all may sound super simple but do not dismiss these steps.  If you do not believe me try it out for yourself.  Your best life ever relies on you being intentional with your time and your week.  Be intentional. 
I encourage you to listen to episode 28 where I go into detail about planning your week.  Click below to listen.

Episode 28 - Love Your Week

Mental Health No One Is Exempt

In my experience, mental health is not something most of us talk about. 

There is a stigma related to mental illness.  Not only is there a stigma with mental illness but any talk of mental health treatment even for prevention is avoided and often difficult to access.

This saddens me considering that 99 % of illness can be traced to stress.  Stress management is an essential part of mental health. It is imperative we dedicate time daily to our mental health. 

Mental health is the foundation for whole body wellness.  Think about it.  Most every illness starts because of unmanaged stress.  For example; overeating, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and decreased immunity.

SO what to do?  If you incorporate the following 5 actions to your daily life your mental health will flourish and this will contribute to your whole body’s wellness.

  1. COMMUNITY!  It is essential that you have community.  Daily interaction with friends or family or both is essential.  It is imperative to have people to share your life with.  Especially people that you can relate to helps reduce stress.  Find people that share similar situations; people that share your career, couples if you are part of a couple, people with children if you have children, etc. Stress dissipates when you have someone to relate to.
  2. DAILY MOVEMENT!  Daily exercise is like taking an antianxiety antidepressant pill.  Movement increases endorphins, boosts immune system, improves sleep, and improves overall mental well being. MOVE now it is that important!!
  3. DEBRIEFING after stressful encounters.  It is essential to deal with stressful situations by speaking to a counselor or loved one.  When we encounter stressful situations like; fights, abuse, car accidents, illness, moves, or any major life changes it is imperative to speak and release the event.  If we do not face and release stressful situations then they stay in our tissues and it can lead to the creation of illness.
  4. DAILY MENTAL SELF CARE.  It is important to prioritize daily actions that inspire our mental health.  What nourishes you mentally?  Whatever it is include it daily.  Whether it is nature, music, people, or reading do the things that nourish you mentally, daily.
  5. MENTAL TIMEOUTS DAILY.  It is imperative to be still and spend time daily doing nothing.  Even if it is just for minute daily it is super important to be still free from; noise, conversation, electronics, and work.  Our mind needs mental rest the way our body needs air and water.  In our world where we are overstimulated, it is challenging to be still but it is essential for your wellbeing.

I pray for your wellness and I pray for you to prioritize your mental health! May you evolve continuously into your absolute best self! BE HAPPY!

How Much Success are you Comfortable With?

Same nightmare for YEARS

For as long as I can remember I have had the same nightmare.  I am being chased, it is dark, I am scared, and no matter how fast I run I know the person chasing me is getting close.  In my dream, the thing chasing me will kill me if they catch me.  I’m never caught but the nightmare continues!


An amazing thing happened a few weeks ago.  Im having the same dream.  I’m so scared but all of a sudden I am sick of being scared.  I am DONE!! I decide in my dream that worse than being killed is this continued running.  I decide to stop running and turn around and FACE whatever is chasing me.


GUESS WHAT??? When I turn around I stare at the scary monster chasing me.  It looks huge and scary but the longer I look it gets smaller and smaller and then it just disappears.

It is mind-boggling to me that for so many years I was so scared and the one time I decide to face my fears, it just disappeared.

When I woke up I was so relieved.  I am so grateful I remembered this dream because it inspired me to consider that maybe this would work in real life.

Can this work in REAL LIFE?

I don’t know about you but when I am angry, scared, or sad I run away from it.  I ignore what is happening because I don’t want to face my dark emotions. So the past several weeks I have been facing my dark emotions and I am learning it is not that bad and in fact, there is a lot to learn from my negative emotions.  

Last week I recorded a meditation that helps you to face your dark emotions, energize you, empower you, and help you to strengthen your mind body and spirit.

It can be extremely liberating to face your dark emotions.  They are not the enemy, actually, they can help you to become a better version of yourself.  


Success Ingredients

I know when you are in the thick of things, where you are trying to advance yourself and it gets super hard that it seems like it will never get better and you just want to quit, but don’t!

What you do in these moments will either propel you to the next level or set you behind.  Just keep moving.  Just plug away.  I know it is hard but remember you have overcome so many things that at the moment felt impossible. 

Keep a mentality of, “I can do this!”, when you are facing a new challenge.  Remember you can do it.  Just keep moving forward.  Put your head down and just muscle through. 

Before you know it you will be on the other side where it all makes sense and you can’t even relate to how it feels not to understand or know how to do what you just accomplished. 

KEEP ON TRUCKIN!  You got this, I am rooting for you!  Karla 

Squash for Fall

Fall is wonderful for many reasons but especially for the abundance of squash.  Squash is an incredible superfood!

One of my favorites is acorn squash.  It is beautiful to look at and easy to cook.  Its health benefits are many.  It is especially good for our immune system as it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.  It is also great for our eye health with its high content of vitamin A.  Acorn squash is incredible for our digestive health due to its high content of fiber.  Try it for yourself and feel how good it is to include this incredible food in your diet.

The easiest way to cook is so simple! and delicious!

Heat your oven to 375 degrees.  Cut the squash in half and scoop out the seeds.  Rub the inside of the squash with either coconut oil or butter.  Bake for 45 minutes.  You can either enjoy as is or add a garlic and sea salt for a savory dish or if you want something a little sweet add a sprinkle of brown sugar.  Either way it is incredible!  Enjoy!


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3 ABSOLUTES for Getting Fit and Feeling Fabulous

On January 1, 2018 I declared, “I will be super fit and healthy for my 41st year!  I am dedicated to this journey and super close here are some of the insights I have gained;

Being FIT is super important for mental/emotional/spiritual well being, heart health, metabolism, glowing skin, great self esteem, and too many other things to name.  Lets just say that if you are not fit you can not have the best life ever!!! There are a few things I have learned lately that will propel your journey to being FIT.  Please benefit from my reading and experience and take this advice and run with it.  You will not regret being fit, it will only enhance all of the other things you do to be well.  SO HERE GOES….. The top three MUSTS to getting FIT!!

  1. WORK OUT DAILY 30 min or MORE and VARY YOUR EXERCISE                       Daily exercise is essential for your well being and what is most exciting is that variety is best so you will not get bored make sure to include cardio (brisk walking, running, dancing, playing soccer, zumba, etc), strengthening (PIYO, weights, resistance bands, martial arts, etc), and flexibility (stretching, yoga, pilates, PIYO).  It may feel daunting if you do not exercise but once you get over all the reasons you can’t and start to exercise you will feel awesome and it will be easier to do daily.  You can not afford to skip this step EXERCISE is ESSENTIAL for long term health. I also encourage you to find ways to be active throughout your day.  Do squats and lunges throughout the day.  Walk as much as you can.  Take the stairs.  Whatever you have to do to be active throughout your day, make it happen!
  2. EAT REAL FOOD! TRY smaller more frequent meals.                              Most bodies does best with vegetables, leafy greens, root veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.  Make sure you are getting enough protein.  Eat 60-75% of your body weight in grams of healthy protein.  Protein shakes (with minimal processed ingredients), lean proteins such as  tofu, chicken, and fish.  Eat lots of veggies with all of your meals especially leafy greens.  Add root veggies  and whole grains to your meals in the first part of your day to give you energy for your day and exercise.  Eat low glycemic fruits such as; grapefruit, green apples, all berries, pomegranates,  tomatoes, and cucumbers.  Include healthy fats in your diet like; olive oil in your salad dressing, unsweetened yogurt, nuts, avocados.  Healthy fats in moderation.  Limit or eliminate all sugar.  Try eating smaller meals and eat more often this will boost your metabolism and give you energy throughout your day!
  3. DRINK WATER!!!  Water is nature’s most amazing elixir!! It is too AMAZING not to prioritize.  Half your weight in ounces is the general rule but please drink more especially when you work out.  Water can not be replaced with milks or juices.  If you hate water GET OVER IT!!! This is too important.  Water nourishes us at a cellular level, it energizes us, helps boost our immunity and metabolism, gives us healthy glowing skin, elevates our mood, detoxifies our body, and MANY MANY other benefits!!

These three things done consistently will produce amazing results!! You will be fit and every other part of your life will benefit.  Please gift yourself and everyone around you by being FIT!!! Wishing you nothing but the very best!!!

4 Simple Rules 4 Complete Serenity

I am continuously humbled by my ability as an adult to complicate things.  I was reminded of this as I was struggling through my shoulds, to do’s, responsibilities, etc …. all while trying to homeschool my children in their religious studies.  In the middle of my multitasking nightmare I honed in on my children’s voices as they recited the four cardinal virtues;

  1. Prudence- Our ability to judge between what is right and wrong. This virtue also encourages the individual to seek counsel when the ability to judge between right and wrong is not easily deciphered.
  2. Justice-  According to the Modern Catholic Dictionary, justice is  “the constant and permanent determination to give everyone his or her rightful due.”
  3. Fortitude- This virtue is about having the courage to carry out what is right and what is fair.  This virtue is the vehicle of virtue one and two.
  4. Temperance- This virtue is all about balance! This virtue supports the balance of our desires so that we may make prudent and just decisions with fortitude.

What I found so exciting about this information is that it applies to all humans regardless of their beliefs.  When I heard my boys reciting these virtues I felt in my heart this is something I can consistently apply to my life and gain peace. I truly feel these four virtues when applied to all aspects of life contribute to living a meaningful life that matters.  I invite you to ponder these four virtues and to examine your life.  Where might these virtues help you to live your best life ever?  Wishing you nothing but the very best!!

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5 Steps for Handing Jealousy and Thriving

I realize I am not the only one who gets jealous but I have not seen many people admit to this dark emotion.

Well I declare I get jealous and almost daily.  I define jealousy as the feeling of wanting or wishing for someone else’s things or situations.  While this is normal I do think it can cause harm if not addressed.

Wanting or wishing for something that is not yours  sends you the message that you are either lacking or that your situation is not good enough.  This literally hurts our health and our well being.  It is stressful and when not dealt with it can grow into anxiety and depression.

Here are my five steps for dealing with jealousy;

  1. Acknowledge it!  Notice where in your body you feel the emotion.  Ask yourself, “Why am I feeling this way?”  and “Is this something I would like to accomplish for myself?”
  2. Send the person you are jealous of love and compassion.  If they are in your sphere compliment them.  Tell them you admire the fruits of their labor.  Acknowledge that every action and decision this person has made has led them to where they currently stand.  Most importantly if you are seeking to attain what this person has, learn from them!
  3. Forgive yourself!  You are human and jealousy is a normal feeling.  Send love to yourself!  Use the following affirmation, “I love me and I love my life! I am a work in progress.”
  4. If you want something different in your life then create a plan.  Make an honest assessment of your current situation and outline a plan to get to where you want to go.  Are you willing to do what it takes to have what you think you are seeking? If your answer is no, you may realize you do not really want what someone else is experiencing.  This is empowering.
  5. If you decide you want what someone else has then ACT.  You can do it too if you decide to be consistent in the pursuit of what you are seeking.

I am praying for your success!

Chia Magic for your Heart, Mind, Bones, and Well-being

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Chia seeds have become a staple in my house for many reasons, but before I talk about that I want to get one thing out of the way.  They are grey and black in color.  They expand when you add water and turn into a gelatinous type substance.  It takes some getting used to.

Chia seeds come from a plant in the mint family.  They are indigenous to Mexico and Guatemala.  It is thought this plant was revered by the Aztecs.

When people consistently consume Chia seeds they credit these little guys with improving their digestion, lowering blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, increasing energy, and improving their overall health.

Why are Chia seeds so great?  Chia seeds are full of calcium, manganese, phosphorous, fiber, and an excellent source of quality Omega 3’s.

Chia seeds are super easy to consume.  Just and water and go!  My favorite way is to add it to my water bottle in the morning with some lemon juice.  I like to let it stand for at least 15 minutes to give the seeds time to expand and absorb water then I drink it.  I find it to be filling so I drink my drink an hour or two after breakfast and that tides me over until lunch.  I highly recommend Chia seeds and luckily they are available in most stores.  Thank goodness! I’m praying for your health!