Just READ!

Ask any evolved, happy, uber-successful person if they read and they will tell you, “Hell Yeah!”  Reading and continued learning has been proven to contribute to all aspects of success.  Reading exposes you to different ideas and opens doors and opportunities.

Often our environment dictates the level of success we will achieve simply because we are likely to mimic what we are exposed to.  Well, think about it what is one way to expose yourself to experiences and opportunity not present in your relationships or environment?

READING!  Reading is free! Just go to your local library.  Or for a minimal fee, you can read online or even buy books.

If I had to name one thing that has most helped me evolve as a person and connected me to rich and diverse experiences it would be reading.

Many people tell me they do not have time to read.  I read on average 1-2 books per week.  This may sound like a lot but it really isn’t.  I read about 30 min per day.  I gladly prioritize this time because in 30 min I am exposed to someone else’s life work that may have taken them 5-10 years to realize and I in 30 minutes get to benefit from their experience.  Reading has most definitely contributed to my success.  I encourage you to read.  Even if you only read 15 min a day you will be setting yourself up for crazy success.

EXERCISE YOUR MIND AND READ!  I am rooting for you!  Karla

Watch Your Mind & Be Mindful!

It is very easy to get caught up in routine and simply go through the motions throughout your day.  Do you ever experience moments where you got from point A to point B and you are not sure how you did it? This is very common for us to tune out and just go through the motions.

I want to suggest a different reality.  How might your life be different if you made a conscious effort to be present each moment?

Would you do things differently?

I find that when we are in tune and present in the moment there are so many hidden jewels in the moment.  We tune out for many reasons; maybe out of boredom, taking things for granted, or even because we are unhappy and just want to get through it.  Do not be afraid to face all of these situations.  If you are bored, why?  If you are taking moments for granted, STOP! This is your life and you only get one chance to live this moment.  If you are unhappy, why?  Do not be afraid to face your unhappiness.  If you do not stop to question why you are unhappy there is no hope for change.

I invite you to be super aware of your mind as much as you can for one week.  Pay attention and get curious.  Be an investigator, who is assessing the situation and begin to ask yourself, “What is working?” & “What is not working.”  You are an amazing expert of, YOU.  If you pay attention and allow the opportunity you can enjoy your life more and be proactive in creating the life that is perfect for you.

Let me know how it goes.  I am always rooting for you! Karla

Get Creative With Your Exercise!

I find that many people do not stick to daily exercise because we have this human habit of picturing something so complicated and unsustainable that we opt to not do anything.  Or we think it will take so much time.  Here is where getting creative will help you win with exercise.

What if you break it into small chunks?  You could decide to do 5 minutes of cardio upon waking along with a 2 min stretch.  Then at work, you could set up a timer to do 10 squats, 10 pushups, and 25 jumping jacks every hour.  When you are home you could choose to dance to two songs and do 2 min of lunges and crunches.  Throughout the day if you took the stairs whenever a chance presents itself.  If you add up all of these small things you are at 30-45 min of exercise.

Your routine does not have to look like this but I am trying to get you to think outside of the box.

I encourage you to consider;

  1. What can I do throughout my day to be active?
  2. How can I make this a ritual that I do naturally every day?
  3. What kinds of exercises can I do that I will enjoy?

Make a plan and just do it!  No negotiations!  You matter and your health matters!  Exercise is an important part of being well.  I am rooting for you!

Negotiating is ALWAYS bad when…..

When you make up your mind to do something or declare a goal of some sort, any sort of negotiation that happens after that to either alter your goal or stop you from accomplishing what you set out to do is, BAD!

There can be no room for negotiation.  The moment we start to entertain thoughts like, “Well just this one time and if I only … this one time it doesn’t really count.”  No good comes from this type of mental negotiation.  When we start negotiating it is not long before one mild straying off course becomes a huge detour.

Your goals and intentions matter! From this moment forward vow to stop negotiating.  NEGOTIATIONS are not helpful and they often lead to the abandonment of our intentions.

Shake Your Pelvis for Wellness!

Your pelvis is crucial to your overall health.  Most of our muscles are either directly or indirectly connected to the pelvis.  Problems in this area may be manifesting in your life as; headaches, neck aches, shoulder pain, backaches, leg pain, etc.  It is imperative we give attention to the pelvis.  Not only will pelvis wellness contribute to your physical wellness but it will help many other parts of your life.

Your pelvis is your center for pleasure.  Bringing wellness to the pelvis will contribute to your capacity to experience pleasure in all aspects of your life.

I invite you to consider that the pelvis may be the key to unveiling wellness within you.  I invite you to try two exercises for loosening your pelvis and increasing wellness within you.  I wish you nothing but the best!


Why Meditate? …. Because You are Human.

I just read a wonderful book and the first sentence stated, “Why meditate? Because you are human.”

I was vacationing and I found this great little book called,

Meditation in Plain English.

I decided to read the book during the week of my vacation.  It was such a God Send.  You see lately I keep wondering what is wrong with me because despite living an amazingly blessed life I find myself sometimes feeling unsatisfied and down for no particular reason.  I judge myself for not feeling content at all times.  There are times where I just feel BLAHHH.  I truly believe if I were a more evolved being I would feel peaceful and happy at all times.

I will just be honest right now and tell you that there are times where despite my blessings I do not feel good inside.  It feels anxious, uncomfortable, and unhappy at times.  There is not a reason I can point to for these feelings.   I feel frustrated and avoid all of this by pushing myself to do more and accomplish more in hopes of reaching a sustained peaceful happy state.

Well, the reason this book was an answer to prayer is because it addressed this dilemma of mine.  In fact, it made the claim that some of these feelings I have are just human.  The book stated, it is the human condition to feel unsatisfied no matter the condition.   Well, Thank GOD!  It’s not just me and these statements hooked me and I read the entire book thirsty for answers.

Well, the book was simply about mindfulness meditation.  I meditate and have meditated for quite some time but this book inspired me to look at my meditation practice and to use it to spend some time observing myself during those times of feeling unhappy and unsatisfied.

It is so super exciting because I am finding that when I bring awareness to the feeling I have of unsatisfaction it is not that different than any other feeling I am having.  The most interesting thing about my feelings is that they all feel grounded and peaceful.  Through awareness, I am witnessing that while my foundational state is peaceful once my mind gets involved and starts attaching meaning to what I am feeling, and that is where it starts getting tumultuous.

I invite you to spend time daily just witnessing your mind.  It is so insightful to watch how our mind reacts to your environment.  It is my wish that through this awareness you may find the peace that exists when you bring your awareness inward.

FYI meditation has now been shown to boost immunity, reduce stress, and best of all helps to increase the quality of your life.  An added bonus is you will inspire others to be more thoughtful and peaceful through your own example.  Wishing you nothing but the best!!


My House Flooded

This is the view from my front door.  It is crazy it happened so fast.  At 5 am my husband and I woke up to a flash flood warning.  We looked outside it didn’t look too bad.  An hour later our front yard was covered and the water was getting close to our door.  Within another hour the water started to come inside.  Our garage was flooded.  I share all of this with you because all I could think when I was watching the water come into our home was, “thank God we invested in flood insurance.”  To be honest I was not thrilled at the time to get and pay for insurance but my husband urged me to think long-term and to think about our goals past the immediate.

More and more in my life, I am taking my decisions seriously.  I have been shifting from thinking of immediate gratification to thinking about the long-term effects of my decisions.  Making a decision based on long-term and choosing according to what I want a bigger picture and what I am trying to create long-term is paying huge dividends!  I am finding that although it may not seem as sexy as being impulsive it is sexy in the end when I find myself waking up to my dream life because of decisions I made last year.

Are you being mindful when you make decisions? Are you making decisions that are contributing to your life dreams?  I encourage you to make decisions based on the dream life you want to create versus reacting. and picking the easy or immediately gratifying choice.  Wishing you nothing but the best!


3 ABSOLUTES for Getting Fit and Feeling Fabulous

On January 1, 2018 I declared, “I will be super fit and healthy for my 41st year!  I am dedicated to this journey and super close here are some of the insights I have gained;

Being FIT is super important for mental/emotional/spiritual well being, heart health, metabolism, glowing skin, great self esteem, and too many other things to name.  Lets just say that if you are not fit you can not have the best life ever!!! There are a few things I have learned lately that will propel your journey to being FIT.  Please benefit from my reading and experience and take this advice and run with it.  You will not regret being fit, it will only enhance all of the other things you do to be well.  SO HERE GOES….. The top three MUSTS to getting FIT!!

  1. WORK OUT DAILY 30 min or MORE and VARY YOUR EXERCISE                       Daily exercise is essential for your well being and what is most exciting is that variety is best so you will not get bored make sure to include cardio (brisk walking, running, dancing, playing soccer, zumba, etc), strengthening (PIYO, weights, resistance bands, martial arts, etc), and flexibility (stretching, yoga, pilates, PIYO).  It may feel daunting if you do not exercise but once you get over all the reasons you can’t and start to exercise you will feel awesome and it will be easier to do daily.  You can not afford to skip this step EXERCISE is ESSENTIAL for long term health. I also encourage you to find ways to be active throughout your day.  Do squats and lunges throughout the day.  Walk as much as you can.  Take the stairs.  Whatever you have to do to be active throughout your day, make it happen!
  2. EAT REAL FOOD! TRY smaller more frequent meals.                              Most bodies does best with vegetables, leafy greens, root veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.  Make sure you are getting enough protein.  Eat 60-75% of your body weight in grams of healthy protein.  Protein shakes (with minimal processed ingredients), lean proteins such as  tofu, chicken, and fish.  Eat lots of veggies with all of your meals especially leafy greens.  Add root veggies  and whole grains to your meals in the first part of your day to give you energy for your day and exercise.  Eat low glycemic fruits such as; grapefruit, green apples, all berries, pomegranates,  tomatoes, and cucumbers.  Include healthy fats in your diet like; olive oil in your salad dressing, unsweetened yogurt, nuts, avocados.  Healthy fats in moderation.  Limit or eliminate all sugar.  Try eating smaller meals and eat more often this will boost your metabolism and give you energy throughout your day!
  3. DRINK WATER!!!  Water is nature’s most amazing elixir!! It is too AMAZING not to prioritize.  Half your weight in ounces is the general rule but please drink more especially when you work out.  Water can not be replaced with milks or juices.  If you hate water GET OVER IT!!! This is too important.  Water nourishes us at a cellular level, it energizes us, helps boost our immunity and metabolism, gives us healthy glowing skin, elevates our mood, detoxifies our body, and MANY MANY other benefits!!

These three things done consistently will produce amazing results!! You will be fit and every other part of your life will benefit.  Please gift yourself and everyone around you by being FIT!!! Wishing you nothing but the very best!!!

4 Simple Rules 4 Complete Serenity

I am continuously humbled by my ability as an adult to complicate things.  I was reminded of this as I was struggling through my shoulds, to do’s, responsibilities, etc …. all while trying to homeschool my children in their religious studies.  In the middle of my multitasking nightmare I honed in on my children’s voices as they recited the four cardinal virtues;

  1. Prudence- Our ability to judge between what is right and wrong. This virtue also encourages the individual to seek counsel when the ability to judge between right and wrong is not easily deciphered.
  2. Justice-  According to the Modern Catholic Dictionary, justice is  “the constant and permanent determination to give everyone his or her rightful due.”
  3. Fortitude- This virtue is about having the courage to carry out what is right and what is fair.  This virtue is the vehicle of virtue one and two.
  4. Temperance- This virtue is all about balance! This virtue supports the balance of our desires so that we may make prudent and just decisions with fortitude.

What I found so exciting about this information is that it applies to all humans regardless of their beliefs.  When I heard my boys reciting these virtues I felt in my heart this is something I can consistently apply to my life and gain peace. I truly feel these four virtues when applied to all aspects of life contribute to living a meaningful life that matters.  I invite you to ponder these four virtues and to examine your life.  Where might these virtues help you to live your best life ever?  Wishing you nothing but the very best!!

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Plan for Action! Create Magic!

“Your dreams are only dreams until you write them down… then they are goals.” -Unknown

I saw this quote on the wall at a conference last week and I have been thinking about it ever since.  I would add to this quote.  My secondary quote would say, “ Goals are only goals until you create a plan and follow through…. Then they become REALITY.”
It is now February, what happened to the resolutions set in January?  I decided to conduct an informal survey.  I asked anyone who would answer about the resolutions they set in January.  Most people I spoke to either forgot about their resolutions, had given up, or thought about their resolutions every now and then.
This has me thinking why??
In my personal life I have learned the magic of writing my goals down I feel that is 50% of the battle.  I have come to know that the other crucial component is planning and executing.  I am reminded of something my mami used to tell me, “ God meets those who meet him halfway.”  It is imperative to write down goals then follow up with a plan that is realistic and then it is essential to ACT!!!
I recommend you get a notebook dedicated to your goals just for your goals.  You have nothing to lose other than $1.99 for a cheap notebook and time and energy spent on planning and creating your best lifeJ
So are you serious about creating your best life ever???
If you are, let’s talk about a process;
1.       GOALS–  I love this part it is the easiest of the three steps.  Get your Goal Notebook and set your timer for 3 minutes.  Let loose and just write.  On a piece of paper list every goal you can imagine.  Try not to think too much just write.  Ask yourself, “What matters to me and what do I want to accomplish?”  Once your timer rings look at your list.  Ask yourself of all the items listed what are the three goals that would most benefit me and contribute to my best life ever?  As you scan your list you will know the important items because they stand out.  Try not to over think this!  Once you find your three goals rewrite them on the next page and make sure each goal is specific, measurable and realistic.
2.       PLAN– Spend 2 minutes on each goal.  Set your timer and free write everything you need to do to accomplish your goal.  Do not overthink this just write.  Continue with the other two goals spend three minutes on each writing everything that needs to be accomplished.  This planning list for each goal is meant to get you excited and it will be used later for reference.
3.       DAILY– For now until you accomplish your goals it is important to write your goals down daily.  This will take five minutes out of your day and it is essential for redirecting your focus and energy to the goals that are important to you and will contribute to you living your best life ever.  So daily, I recommend first thing in the morning write your goals.  Start with your first goal.  Write it down. Then ask yourself, “What is the one thing I can do today to help me reach this goal?  Whatever answer comes to you write it down underneath your goal.  Then document your action into your planner or calendar.  Do the same with your remaining two goals.  If you are unable to identify an action for the day return to the page in your goal notebook where you wrote every action step necessary for completing your goal and pick an action that makes sense.
This is a continuous process and nothing is set in stone.  The important component is to do this daily and to never lose sight of your goal.  If you miss a day then continue on the next day.  It is such a small investment and it is super important if you are serious about taking responsibility for creating your best life!