5 Steps for Handing Jealousy and Thriving

I realize I am not the only one who gets jealous but I have not seen many people admit to this dark emotion.

Well I declare I get jealous and almost daily.  I define jealousy as the feeling of wanting or wishing for someone else’s things or situations.  While this is normal I do think it can cause harm if not addressed.

Wanting or wishing for something that is not yours  sends you the message that you are either lacking or that your situation is not good enough.  This literally hurts our health and our well being.  It is stressful and when not dealt with it can grow into anxiety and depression.

Here are my five steps for dealing with jealousy;

  1. Acknowledge it!  Notice where in your body you feel the emotion.  Ask yourself, “Why am I feeling this way?”  and “Is this something I would like to accomplish for myself?”
  2. Send the person you are jealous of love and compassion.  If they are in your sphere compliment them.  Tell them you admire the fruits of their labor.  Acknowledge that every action and decision this person has made has led them to where they currently stand.  Most importantly if you are seeking to attain what this person has, learn from them!
  3. Forgive yourself!  You are human and jealousy is a normal feeling.  Send love to yourself!  Use the following affirmation, “I love me and I love my life! I am a work in progress.”
  4. If you want something different in your life then create a plan.  Make an honest assessment of your current situation and outline a plan to get to where you want to go.  Are you willing to do what it takes to have what you think you are seeking? If your answer is no, you may realize you do not really want what someone else is experiencing.  This is empowering.
  5. If you decide you want what someone else has then ACT.  You can do it too if you decide to be consistent in the pursuit of what you are seeking.

I am praying for your success!