Give 100% to Your Family!

I give 1000% at work and business.  I am really proud of my work and products.  I am also proud that when I am working with people I am 100% there for them.  I listen like a champ.

Unfortunately, when I get home I am not great with my family.  I do not stop what I am doing to listen to my loved ones.  I do not give it my all.  Honestly, my family gets the leftovers.

The other day I became frustrated because it felt like my family was arguing all weekend.  ALL 5 Of US!!  I was so frustrated.

Luckily I stepped back to look at the situation and only one of us was truly giving it his all.  My youngest son was the only one listening attentively, engaging, and really being present.  The rest of us had some piece of technology or a book distracting us as we halfheartedly answered questions.  We were not being present.

No wonder we were arguing.

I have come to the conclusion that I must do better.  I must bring the same attitude I have for my work and business home.  If I want my home life to be as successful as my work I must be willing to bring my best to the table.

So I want to ask you, are you doing your best at home?

Are you giving 100% to your family?

Are you treating your family with the same care as you do your work?

If you answered no to any of these questions I invite you to reconsider your efforts at home.  I have interviewed over 200 people in the last year asking, “What matters most to you?” and the answer I get over 90% of the time is, “my family”.

If our family is what matters most to us then I encourage all of us to treat them that way.

As always I am rooting for you!