Get Creative With Your Exercise!

I find that many people do not stick to daily exercise because we have this human habit of picturing something so complicated and unsustainable that we opt to not do anything.  Or we think it will take so much time.  Here is where getting creative will help you win with exercise.

What if you break it into small chunks?  You could decide to do 5 minutes of cardio upon waking along with a 2 min stretch.  Then at work, you could set up a timer to do 10 squats, 10 pushups, and 25 jumping jacks every hour.  When you are home you could choose to dance to two songs and do 2 min of lunges and crunches.  Throughout the day if you took the stairs whenever a chance presents itself.  If you add up all of these small things you are at 30-45 min of exercise.

Your routine does not have to look like this but I am trying to get you to think outside of the box.

I encourage you to consider;

  1. What can I do throughout my day to be active?
  2. How can I make this a ritual that I do naturally every day?
  3. What kinds of exercises can I do that I will enjoy?

Make a plan and just do it!  No negotiations!  You matter and your health matters!  Exercise is an important part of being well.  I am rooting for you!

Shake Your Pelvis for Wellness!

Your pelvis is crucial to your overall health.  Most of our muscles are either directly or indirectly connected to the pelvis.  Problems in this area may be manifesting in your life as; headaches, neck aches, shoulder pain, backaches, leg pain, etc.  It is imperative we give attention to the pelvis.  Not only will pelvis wellness contribute to your physical wellness but it will help many other parts of your life.

Your pelvis is your center for pleasure.  Bringing wellness to the pelvis will contribute to your capacity to experience pleasure in all aspects of your life.

I invite you to consider that the pelvis may be the key to unveiling wellness within you.  I invite you to try two exercises for loosening your pelvis and increasing wellness within you.  I wish you nothing but the best!

Get Creative w/ Your Exercising

Are your romantic notions about exercise stopping you from exercising?  When I am working with patients and clients regarding exercise I hear many different reasons why exercise is not possible.  I hear, “I am not able to make it to the gym, it is too far.”, “I don’t have a 30 min stretch in my day for exercise.”, “I do not have the right clothes.”, “My house is too small.”, “I am not in shape.”, “I’m too tired.”, “I don’t have any workout videos.” and so many other things.

I have found that our romantic notions get in the way of being active.  There are no rules with exercise.  It does not have to be a certain amount of time or look a certain way.  You can wake up and do 10 minutes of yoga. During your work day you can do 50 jumping jacks whenever you think about it.  Whenever you encounter stairs you can take 5 minutes to climb stairs.  You can go on a walk during your lunch break.  You can dance to three songs whenever you can squeeze it in.  You can do (5) 30 second sprints before dinner.  You can jump rope for 3 minutes anytime you have some spare time.  You can keep a small trampoline in your room and jump on it whenever you think of it.

I hope I am inspiring you to say “YES” to exercise.  Get creative.  Do wall sits when you think of it.  Play hopscotch with your kids.  Do squats and lunges down the hallway.  Try to accomplish a certain amount of push ups throughout the day. Do Zumba on YouTube.  There is so much on YouTube, take advantage.

The sky is the limit.  Do not stay idle because you don’t have a fancy gym outfit and you can’t drive to a gym and work out for a full hour.  Work with your life.  Get creative and find ways to move.

That is the secret, that is all that is needed, lets get MOVING and EXERCISING.  Please let me know if you find what works for you.  I am rooting for you and praying for your success!