Number 1 Life Hack for Crazy Success

Be Mindful

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter.  What I desire most is to inspire you to live your best life and experience crazy amounts of success in all aspects of your life.  I know this may seem challenging, but I also know the secret is so easy it is hard. The number one way to achieve crazy success in all aspects of your life is…… by being MINDFUL! What does it mean to be mindful?  Being mindful means that you focus on the present moment.  You let go of the past and you do not fixate on the future. Why does being mindful create uber amounts of success? Well, the answer is simply this… When you are in the present moment you ALWAYS do what is best for you.  In the present moment you are aware of your body’s cues for health, you are aware of your intuition, you operate at your max level, and so much more. In the present moment you express yourself eloquently, you are aware of your physical/mental/emotional/spiritual needs, and you act accordingly. The only problem with mindfulness is it takes practice and we must be consistent.  It has become such a habit for most of us to worry and fixate about either the past or future that it may feel hard to be in the present moment. Do not worry! Like anything else if you just practice daily anytime you remember to take a deep breath and focus on the present moment you will find yourself operating from an optimal place.  Being mindful moment after moment as much as you can will lead you to your best life. I pray for your success! I pray for you to be right here right now operating at your level of genius.  It is in you just waiting for you to be mindful.



Cranberry Green Tea Super Health Madness!

So on accident I discovered the most amazing smoothie yet!! I had leftover fresh cranberries from the holiday season, two bags to be exact.  I wanted to do something with them because I could not let these antioxidant treasures go to waste.  So I decided to mix them with another antioxidant treasure, green tea to be exact and I found heaven.  Cranberries are filled with vitamin C, antioxidants (cancer fighting properties), immune boosting, minerals, and fiber.  Green tea is rich with antioxidants, boosts metabolism, rich in minerals, reduces blood pressure, clears skin, and boosts immunity.

All I did was take a large handful of cranberries, 2 cups of green tea, and a teaspoon of agave nectar and blended.  It was so delicious and so amazingly healthy.  I highly recommend.

Let me know if you try this and wishing you well!!


If you would like to learn how to make healthy yummy tacos please see the post below.

I AM SO Exited about TACOS


Wealth Wellness

Wealth wellness is an essential part of overall wellness.  Having respect for money will contribute to your financial wellness.  What is involved in respecting money?


It is essential to know how much you spend and on what. This can be a time a consuming experience but it is worth its weight in gold.  I recommend either looking at your bank statement for a full month and categorizing your expenditures or you can keep a log for a full month and document all expenses.


Know how much you make this sounds like common sense but I find that when I ask people it is rare that they know exactly how much they earn.


It is stealing when you spend more than you make.  You are stealing from yourself and your future.  If you identify that you spend more than you make for wealth wellness it is essential that you stop.  Identify areas where you can stop spending and do so.  Your financial wellness depends on this!


An emergency fund is super important for your financial wellness.  There is something funny about emergency funds.  When you have one emergencies rarely happen, when you do not they seem to happen all the time.  I recommend that you save until you accumulate $1000.00.  I recommend that you continue saving until you have 3 months income.


Know your priorities and make sure your money is going towards what matters to you.  Most of the people I know do not take responsibility for their spending they just spend without making a plan.  Spending happens to them rather than people dictating where their money should go.

If you can work on these 5 items you will know financial wellness.  Financial wellness not only helps you thrive it helps your family and your community.  I pray for your success and I pray you know financial wellness.

For financial wellness resources I highly recommend Dave Ramsey’s website.


For Growth Get Uncomfortable

I am a creature of habit:)  I like routines and rituals and I can be super loyal once I start something.  I have had a blog at blogger for 8 years now and it is very comfortable!! I know what to do there are no real frills and thrills but it is easy to use.  Unfortunately, for me if I want to grow it is time to use a different platform.  I have moved to wordpress which is new, scary, unfamiliar, frustrating, etc.

We all have our own version of this.  It is not about a blog or about switching platforms this is about our human tendency to avoid change even if it is for the better because we feel uncomfortable.

While it is perfectly normal  to feel uncomfortable with change it is not good to avoid change all together simply because we feel uncomfortable.  It is imperative that be take a deep breath and move through the change.  Even if we make mistakes this is still better than remaining stagnant.

For greatness to be achieved it is essential to take risks and change is a risk.  It can be unknown and scary for most of us.  I want to share with you a few tips that have helped me ease the fear and uncomfort of change.

FIRST STEP:  Acknowledge the need for change.  When you feel like it is time for growth and time for a change.  Take a moment to acknowledge and sit with the feelings that arise.  So often we become fearful of change that we just simply avoid feeling and in turn we avoid changing.  SO STOP AND FEEL IT!

SECOND STEP: Map out a plan.  Physically get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and draft out a plan for the change.  So much of our fear dissipates if we just create a plan.  Make sure to address any possible negative outcomes so that you can plan ahead for anything that may go wrong (THIS IS SO HELPFUL FOR DIMINISHING FEAR).

THIRD STEP:  Start small.  Break down your change into very small pieces and begin ONE STEP AT A TIME.  It can be very overwhelming to create change but if we break it down into a several small steps and just start moving from step to step this helps remove the drama from change.


I wish you nothing but the absolute best!!

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Back Camera

The Big Leap – READ IT

Book Recommendation.  I LOVE!!! The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.  IT is phenomenal and extremely timely and helpful.  DO you ever find your self doing well then all of a sudden something bad happens?  Maybe you just got a raise at work and your relationship with your spouse is going well.  Then all of a sudden you get into a huge fight with your spouse and even though you got a raise at work you just found out that your rent or mortgage has been increased the same amount as your raise?  What is going on??

This is called the “Upper Limit Problem”  Per Gay Hendricks this is common to all of us.  We all have an “Upper Limit Problem”.  This means that we all have a set comfort level regarding how much success and good stuff we can handle before we get uncomfortable then self sabotage.

One of the greatest ideas mentioned is that excitement and fear are the same the only difference is that with fear we hold our breath and the fear builds.  With excitement if we breath into it, it grows and the excitement builds.  If nothing else comes from this blog post and you never read the book remember this…. when you feel fear if you can just breath into it then the fear will shift into excitement.

Be cogniscent that you have only a certain amount of success you are comfortable with.  Begin to notice how you react when things are going well.  Be mindful of fear and remember to breath!!

This is such a small part of the book.  I highly encourage you to read.  It is more than a book that tells you, you can have whatever you want.   It is an empowering book with real tools to inspire you to learn to be comfortable with success so that you may create your best life ever.  READ IT!!!