My House Flooded

This is the view from my front door.  It is crazy it happened so fast.  At 5 am my husband and I woke up to a flash flood warning.  We looked outside it didn’t look too bad.  An hour later our front yard was covered and the water was getting close to our door.  Within another hour the water started to come inside.  Our garage was flooded.  I share all of this with you because all I could think when I was watching the water come into our home was, “thank God we invested in flood insurance.”  To be honest I was not thrilled at the time to get and pay for insurance but my husband urged me to think long-term and to think about our goals past the immediate.

More and more in my life, I am taking my decisions seriously.  I have been shifting from thinking of immediate gratification to thinking about the long-term effects of my decisions.  Making a decision based on long-term and choosing according to what I want a bigger picture and what I am trying to create long-term is paying huge dividends!  I am finding that although it may not seem as sexy as being impulsive it is sexy in the end when I find myself waking up to my dream life because of decisions I made last year.

Are you being mindful when you make decisions? Are you making decisions that are contributing to your life dreams?  I encourage you to make decisions based on the dream life you want to create versus reacting. and picking the easy or immediately gratifying choice.  Wishing you nothing but the best!