For Growth Get Uncomfortable

I am a creature of habit:)  I like routines and rituals and I can be super loyal once I start something.  I have had a blog at blogger for 8 years now and it is very comfortable!! I know what to do there are no real frills and thrills but it is easy to use.  Unfortunately, for me if I want to grow it is time to use a different platform.  I have moved to wordpress which is new, scary, unfamiliar, frustrating, etc.

We all have our own version of this.  It is not about a blog or about switching platforms this is about our human tendency to avoid change even if it is for the better because we feel uncomfortable.

While it is perfectly normal  to feel uncomfortable with change it is not good to avoid change all together simply because we feel uncomfortable.  It is imperative that be take a deep breath and move through the change.  Even if we make mistakes this is still better than remaining stagnant.

For greatness to be achieved it is essential to take risks and change is a risk.  It can be unknown and scary for most of us.  I want to share with you a few tips that have helped me ease the fear and uncomfort of change.

FIRST STEP:  Acknowledge the need for change.  When you feel like it is time for growth and time for a change.  Take a moment to acknowledge and sit with the feelings that arise.  So often we become fearful of change that we just simply avoid feeling and in turn we avoid changing.  SO STOP AND FEEL IT!

SECOND STEP: Map out a plan.  Physically get a piece of paper and a pen or pencil and draft out a plan for the change.  So much of our fear dissipates if we just create a plan.  Make sure to address any possible negative outcomes so that you can plan ahead for anything that may go wrong (THIS IS SO HELPFUL FOR DIMINISHING FEAR).

THIRD STEP:  Start small.  Break down your change into very small pieces and begin ONE STEP AT A TIME.  It can be very overwhelming to create change but if we break it down into a several small steps and just start moving from step to step this helps remove the drama from change.


I wish you nothing but the absolute best!!

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