The Big Leap – READ IT

Book Recommendation.  I LOVE!!! The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.  IT is phenomenal and extremely timely and helpful.  DO you ever find your self doing well then all of a sudden something bad happens?  Maybe you just got a raise at work and your relationship with your spouse is going well.  Then all of a sudden you get into a huge fight with your spouse and even though you got a raise at work you just found out that your rent or mortgage has been increased the same amount as your raise?  What is going on??

This is called the “Upper Limit Problem”  Per Gay Hendricks this is common to all of us.  We all have an “Upper Limit Problem”.  This means that we all have a set comfort level regarding how much success and good stuff we can handle before we get uncomfortable then self sabotage.

One of the greatest ideas mentioned is that excitement and fear are the same the only difference is that with fear we hold our breath and the fear builds.  With excitement if we breath into it, it grows and the excitement builds.  If nothing else comes from this blog post and you never read the book remember this…. when you feel fear if you can just breath into it then the fear will shift into excitement.

Be cogniscent that you have only a certain amount of success you are comfortable with.  Begin to notice how you react when things are going well.  Be mindful of fear and remember to breath!!

This is such a small part of the book.  I highly encourage you to read.  It is more than a book that tells you, you can have whatever you want.   It is an empowering book with real tools to inspire you to learn to be comfortable with success so that you may create your best life ever.  READ IT!!!